Our team 

Our core team consists of a cyclist, a designer and a problem-solver.

We like innovation, disruption and bikes.  

We also believe in doing things to protect people and our planet.   

Who's who?

  • Concept sketch development. 

  • Initial Photoshop renders

  • Rough concept CAD model creation. 

  • High resolution rendered images. 

  • Development of engineered designs.

  • Production quality CAD model creation. 

  • Hand calculation to validate designs.

  • Finite element analysis to test structures.

  • Computational fluid dynamics. 

  • Drafting technical drawings for manufacture. 

  • In house prototyping. 

  • Production supplier management.

  • Inspection.

  • Build and cycle testing. 




We're always keen to hear from anyone interested in what we do. Drop us a line using the form below and we'll be in touch.

Head Office

Cyclo Technology

SB.450 Southbank House

Black Prince Road

London SE1 7SJ

Contact Our Team 

Marketing Director: Dom Cotton

Cyclo Technology | COCO Worldwide Ltd. Registered Company No: 11484070

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